Have you ever sat down at your desk and noticed the cleaning company was there the night before? Not because of the emptied trash cans, or the sparkling clean glass door. Not because of the wafting fresh smell of deodorized cleaner tickling your nose or because the carpets have been vacuumed. No – you noticed simply because the cleaners were in such a rush that they left streaky wipe marks on your office desk. It doesn't bother you much (if at all ), but at some point you say to yourself "Do I really need to know the cleaners were here?" The answer is no; no you don't!  

Let's be real.  Everyone has an idea in their minds of who the cleaning crew is. For some, it involves a group of little old ladies or a team of burly men. For others, it's a ninja like squad of people dressed in all black or the humble family trying to make ends meet. Regardless of whom you have in mind, they are automatically envisioned as a rushing faction when streak marks are left on your desk.  

 We at J&Z Professional Services understand that this represents one of the many "pet peeves" we face in our industry. Fortunately, we have a remedy that can be used while cleaning the office and cleaning at home to avoid streaky furniture. I figured why not share it with all of you! Lucky you. 

I'm sure you are familiar with Mr. Miyagi's famous quote "wax on, wax off." Wiping in a circular motion versus the linear method. When cleaning tabletops, desktops, glass, mirrors and other types of furniture the circular motion is key for achieving a streak free finish. It is in our opinion through years of practice & experience, the only method that doesn't leave wipe marks is Mr. Miyagi's "wax on, wax off."  

Some other great tips to keep in mind are as follows: 

  • Micro Fiber clothes – use them. They work best for picking up dust and other small particles 

  • The more wet or moist your cloth is the more likely you are to leave steaks 

  • Only spray the surface with a few light sprays (depending on the size of the surface). Remember “less is more.” The more product used, the more you'll have to wipe it down & it will increase your chances of leaving streaks. 

  • Work the product into the surface using a circular motion in one direction. If too much product is on the surface, use the circular motion but in the opposite direction to create a streak free finish.  

Now don't be afraid!  Go and have your very own Karate Kid moment. Just don't forget to wax on. Wax off. It is that simple. 

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