Zakiya Smalls, CEO & Co-Founder

zsmalls@jzproclean.com | Phone:  570.795.4256

Zakiya is the CEO and Co-Founder of J&Z Professional Services founded in 2009 with business partner Joe Seibert.  They were inspired to create a commercial cleaning company that provides excellent service for each & every type of business.  Her mission is to offer up a service that can make any facility sparkle while providing job opportunities within the community.  


Zakiya envisions long-term success and growth for her cleaning company that is quietly making an impact in the Lehigh Valley and beyond.  In January 2016, Lehigh Valley Business did a story on her success as a native New Yorker, raised in Harlem, who didn’t think she’d ever own her own business but became one of St. Luke’s Health Network’s top cleaning vendors.  J&Z has since grown from servicing under 15 locations to over 50 St. Luke’s medical facilities.  Not only is Zakiya a small business owner and a mother, she also models for the renowned QVC television network, and was recently featured in Lehigh Valley Style’s 2018 Women of Style and Business Professionals.


"Listening to expressed concerns of business owners, customers and staff allows me to engage and connecting with both new & existing clientele.  It allows me to offer valuable expertise & advice on how to improve the overall cleanliness of your facility."  Zakiya believes the only way for a business to succeed is to be in it to help others.  "Every client expects their office to be cleaned thoroughly and made to shine for the next business day.  With that said, you can guarantee I am proud to inspect what you expect!"

Joseph Seibert, Co-Founder

jseibert@jzproclean.com | Phone:  570.795.4256

Joseph is the Co-Founder of J&Z Professional Services bringing his passion and business expertise to the launch in 2009.  Since graduating from Allentown College in the year 2000, Joseph has succeeded in the business world as an entrepreneur and an accomplished business manager with over 20 years in the financial services industry with several financial institutions including Valley National Bank, Bank of America and Signature Bank.


​Joseph decided to team up with Zakiya to use this knowledge and experience in the startup of J&Z Professional Services.  Dealing with various business clientele throughout Northeast Pennsylvania, Joseph looked to improve the appearance of each facility with every visit he makes.  With a passion for cleaning, his focus on owning a commercial cleaning company is meeting the needs of business owners who value their time for managing their own business growth objectives.


​"Developing relationships and executing on your commitments is key to the success of any entrepreneur" stated Joseph Seibert. "Upholding your core values while meeting a client’s expectations has to come with hard work and dedication.  It starts from the top to bottom in any organization".

Jenele Studdard, General Manager

jstuddard@jzproclean.com | Phone:  570.795.4256

Jenele started with J&Z Professional Services in 2009 and was promoted to General Manager.  She made quite an impact as an entry level associate and was quickly promoted to a supervisor position after only 6 months of service.  Currently studying to become a Certified Public Accountant, Jenele is able to multi-task and provide exceptional supervision of her cleaning staff to satisfy each and every commercial cleaning project punch list she is assigned to complete.


From managing the employees to dealing directly with the clients, Jenele expects the cleaning assignments to be done properly and accurately. "You cannot allow mediocre performance to derail your cleaning schedule" stated Jenele, "There is no room for poor performance.  Everyone has bad days but you have to leave that at the door step when you report for work.  I treat everyone as I was treated from day one at J&Z Professional Services, with respect and dignity."


​"Jenele’s track record as Quality Control Supervisor was so remarkable that she was made General Manager in 2012.  Her level of dedication to our clients and employees is invaluable and we are so thankful to have her on our team.  We promoted Jenele early on and her record of achievements have been great ever since", stated Zakiya. "She continues to deliver on a higher standard of expectations when it comes to commercial cleaning."

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